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I get the movie and watch it, thats was awesome, you can make everything realistic, how the story start, lighting, situation, camera and sound make this like real movie
i really like and respect how you follow every requirement, also attire as one of important thing.
Vita acting was great, her reaction, her voice and everything was perfect
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Just been downloading it and watching it off :-)  It's very good, great fun.   Please thank Sly Fox (?) who plays the part of the really evil psycho killer so well,  he really does seem like a dangerous stalker-killer who has literallyw alked off a TV drama or B-movie.  And I love his accent/voice over - a blend of Russian and sleazy American, which actually adds to his character in a way.

Elerikh is also very good, she has to die in a whole variety of different ways through the movie,  four completely different times in about 10/12 minutes - I think that must be a record!


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