Terms of use

Dear friends, please read the following information carefuiiy.

All of the films by Victimization Production are staged and shot exclusively for artistic purposes and have an age limit of 18+.

Actors and models involved in the shooting are over 18 years old.

All films and materials purchased through links on this site are copyrighted and supported by the power of the state. Please store all videos on your computers or other electronic media.

For violations of legal norms (distribution and piracy), sanctions can be imposed: from remarks and warnings to imprisonment.

By accessing this site, you confirm your legal age (18+). Visiting this site is not a violation of the law. The site administration reserves the right to adjust the rules.

The order of the films.

 Dear friends, ordering a movie based on your script means that your script is adapted in accordance with our rules and no more than the amount of your donation to this project.

You can email us your scripts that fall into the category of erotic films of category "R", and we will be happy to screen your scripts! 

Please keep in mind that any mention of pornographic scenes in these scenarios will be rejected as our production does not make films of this format. As for us, we guarantee that all information, names, and contacts of our clients remain confidential. 

We discuss the order of a film based on your script individually and confidentially with each client in the course of correspondence. Just send us an email and we will answer all your questions! :) 

When your film is ready, you will receive an individual link for downloading and further using exclusively for private viewing. 

Thank you! 

We are happy to have you with us!

Do you want to make an individual film order? 

Victimization production may shoot a film it for you! 

We work with individual order of our client.

We make a film adding our interesting introduction and details to it. We follow the client's script clearly without missing a single word or action.

You won't have to wait long for your movie.

Your order will be ready as soon as possible. 

As a result, you get your own unique top-quality mini-movie!

        We produce high-quality films and believe our customers should get maximum pleasure from watching our movies not only on all kinds of gadgets and computers, but also on large widescreen TV screens such as Ultra-HD up to floodlight screens! Without any blurring or loss of quality! 
Please do not deprive yourself of pleasure, just download the movie to a USB flash drive, insert it into your TV and enjoy watching a real quality video.

You can order a movie based on your script at:



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